These customers had a travertine kitchen floor, which was eight years old. The grout lines were now quite dirty and a few holes had formed in the tiles, leaving dirty holes with sharp edges. Tile & Stone Medics remit was to deep clean the floor and repair the holes.

Faber ‘FABER 30’ heavy duty floor cleaner mixed with water was mopped on to the floor over an area of approximately two square metres and left to dwell for ten minutes to help lift the dirt from the travertine tiled floor and grout lines. Once the dwell time had been acheived, 220 grit honing powder was lightly sprinkled on to the floor and then a rotary machine employed with a soft to medium rotary brush to work the heavy duty floor cleaner and honing powder in to the surface, honing powder is great in these circumstances as it really works hard at lifting the dirt from the holes, but also removes a microscopic surface from the floor, thus giving a renewed floor. once this had been done the floor was rinsed with freshwater extraction twice to ensure the floor was completely clean of dirt and honing powder and also Ph neutral in preparation for sealing. This process was carried out across the whole of the floor, approximately thirty five square metres.

The floor was left to dry by using a commercial air mover across the surface of the floor.

Whilst the floor drier was working the repair work was the next task. Using a Miracle ‘Travertine Repair Kit’ the appropriate coloured powders were chosen and mixed up with water. The holes were filled and left to dry for twenty minutes. Once dry the areas were lightly wiped over to remove any haze around the repairs.

Once all dry the process of sealing the floor is the next process.

Faber ‘PROTEX WB’ was sprayed on to the floor and a rotary machine housing a white buffing pad worked the water based impregnating in to the floor to ensure maximum penetration. the sealers are dry within minutes, but do require six hours to fully cure. The customers are advised of this and the main instructions are no water orother liquids on the floor during this period.

The floor has been transformed from a disjointed floor with the dirty grout lines and holes, to a lighter smoother looking floor.

If your travertine floors require cleaning, repairing and sealing, then please contact Tile & Stone Medic for a no obligation quotation.