Do you have ceramic tile or natural stone floors or walls with unsightly chips, holes or cracks? Tile & Stone Medic Manchester have the solution!

In most instances, Tile & Stone Medic Manchester will be able to repair your ceramic tile or natural stone floors and walls. It will depend on the extent of the repair work required, but if you have cracks in your terrazzo floor, holes forming in your travertine tiles, a tea ring on your marble table or any other type of small reparations that need to be carried out, get in touch with Tile & Stone Medic Manchester. We can give you the answers you need!

Please note, while Tile & Stone Medic Manchester carry out all repairs to the highest professional standards, no guarantees can be given that the repair will not be seen due to none exact colour match or uneven flooring. This can be due to all sorts of factors out of our control, including age of the tile, wear and tear of the tile, location of the tile and also the general environment the floor/tiles are and have been subject to. It is always worth giving our trained technicians a call to get some informed advice before replacing any floors, they will be happy to help!