Minton Tile After

Tiled floors are a common choice in many Churches, as well as other large or public buildings from the last century.

We found this fantastic example of man made tiles in a lovely church in Fylde Coast. As you can see in these images, the floor was in need of some serious restoration. As you can see, the building had been undergoing renovation work and this had left the floor in a sorry state. It’s not uncommon to come across this kind of flooring and get involved as one of the last stages of internal remodelling. In some cases, the floor is only discovered as a part of these works, when surfaces that have been placed on top are removed. The combination of a change in flooring as well as other building works  means that resorting the flooring is the one of the key, later stages required to achieve a fantastic, improved effect.

Offering a hard, long lasting surface that is easy to maintain, tiles have been used in all kinds of places. But while they are undoubtedly strong, that is not to say that tiled floors are never in need of a little care and attention. Even the toughest of tiles are still vulnerable to dirt and damage over a long time scale. When it comes to man made tiles such as these, there is no single process that will solve all of these problems. Depending on the exact material used, the state of it’s surface and the desired outcome we can carry out a range of cleaning and restoration services. In some cases, this is a fairly superficial clean, buff and polish. In this case, we had to go for a more thorough restoration process. This enables us to remove serious scratches by honing away a fine layer from the surface of the tile. Having revealed a fresh surface, we can then apply the most appreciate sealant to achieve your desired finish. We also take into account the expected uses of the flooring, for example the high foot traffic of this chapel would require different care and attention to that of a kitchen.

As you can see here, the tiles began a soft earthy shade of terracotta. But as soon as the restoration began, the vivid orange started to shine through. Not only does this deep restoration reveal the true beauty of these find tiles, our finishing sealers make it much easier to maintain and preserve that finish for the future.

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