Kitchen Floor cleaning Halford: 7th March 2013 Mrs Purse (Halford, Stratford upon Avon,Warwickshire)

“I had the kitchen floor cleaned a while back, but it did not reach my expectations.l tried doing it myself with wax, but it was a disaster.I finally tried to find another company to do the work and came across Tile and Stone Medic. Paul was informative and answered all the questions I fired at him.The floor looks better that I ever imagined or can ever remember and it cleans so easily now’. Mrs Purses kitchen floor is a typical terracotta floor. Extremely porous and if not sealed correctly can look very flat and lifeless in no time. Also, it will not clean easily if sealed incorrectly.this particular floor required 2 coats of sealer and 5 coats of satin finish polish to give the customer the desired effect.”

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