This Victorian floor, albeit lots of different colours, was looking dull and rather sad! Our Victorian Minton tile cleaning service in Lancashire was called upon to help.

Firstly Tile & Stone Medic mopped on heavy duty floor cleaners to approximately 1-2 square metres of floor and then left it to dwell for 5 minutes. Then, 220 grit honing powder was scatter in small amounts onto the wet area and a rotary with a soft to medium bristle brush was employed to agitate the surface. The honing powder acts as an abrasion and thus removes a microscopic surface from the floor, but also helps to drag soiling out of ant tiny pores that are so common in floor of this age.

The floor was then rinsed and neutralised using freshwater extraction and left to dry.

Once the floor was dry, a water based acrylic polymer was applied to seal the floor and create a satin polished appearance. This helps to bring out all the wonderful colours in the floor, but also makes it easier to maintai