Quarry Tile Floor Cleaning & Sealing, Meriden, Nr Coventry, Warwickshire. Mr Hamilton 7th April 2013

‘We had a really bad flood and the kitchen was under water. Apparently the water pushes the mineral salts through the tile and leaves a white residue on the surface of the floor, it looked awful. Tile & Stone Medic were put on to me by the insurance company to carry out the restoration work once the floor had dried. We were given advice about sealing the floor once cleaned. We chose by their advice a satin finish and I have to say it looks fantastic!’

Tile & Stone Medics Overview

This floor was really bad. It was covered in efflorescence (salt deposits). The floor was cleaned using a specific acid cleaner to help neutralise this problem and then washed over with fresh water to bring the floor back to a neutral Ph. The floor was left over night to dry and sealed and polished the following day.