Slate After Restoration

Slate is a fantastic material and these distinctive tiles feature an unusual array of colours to create a stunning effect. As a metamorphic rock, slate is a very hardwearing material and so lends itself to long lasting flooring. While it is normally a dark grey or black hue, these particular tiles demonstrate an exciting array of lighter shades.

However, daily usage even in a low traffic domestic environment will still take it’s toll on these tough tiles. Fortunately it is much less vulnerable to some kinds of damage than other natural stone tiles. For example, it is very resistant to water, hence it’s frequent use in roofing. While it is less susceptible to damage from liquids, its hard brittle nature means it can still be chipped or scratched. In this particular case, the dominant colours had lost their sheen and so a special service was required.

Our approach to restoring natural stone tiles such as these is always cautious. Different materials require different treatments, and the way in which we achieve the desired finished will of course depend on the condition of the tiles. Our experienced technicians are highly trained and experienced in assessing how best to go about this. We have access to a range of equipment and solutions which can be combined to chemically or mechanically treat the surface as necessary. In many cases we are able to deal with specific instances of damage such as scratches or the odd loose tile.

Our work, as in this case, normally involves a multi stage process that removes contaminates before removing a very fine layer of the material to reveal a fresh surface beneath. This is then protected with the application of the most appropriate sealant. Not only does this enable us to achieve a huge range of finishes, it also protects your floor and will enable it to maintain its glamour for longer.

Our customer in Blackburn was very pleased with the effect we were able to achieve for these fantastic slate tiles.