‘I never knew the floor could look so bright and polished, I love it’

Cleaning this terracotta tile floor in Lancashire was quite simple, it just needed a really good deep clean. We cleaned the floor using Tile & Stone Medics Heavy Duty Tile, Stone & Grout Cleaner. The cleaner was applied to 2 square metres of the floor at a time and left to dwell for five minutes. It was then agitated into the surface of the terracotta floor using a slow rotating rotary machine and relevant rotary brush that also helps to clean the deep inset grout lines. Once this was achieved the floor area was rinsed with our powerful freshwater extraction system. Once the whole floor had been cleaned it was left over night to dry.

The following morning the floor was inspected to make sure all areas had cleaned up to a high standard. Once all checks had been made the floor was sealed and then a resilient acrylic polymer based polish applied. Four coats were applied to create the finish that the customer wanted, which was a satin finish.

The customer was also given maintenance advice on how to now care for her new floor. She had one bottle of Tile & Stone Medics Neutral Cleaner and one bottle of Tile & Stone Medics Neutral Floor Maintainer that helps to add longevity to the finish!