Terrazzo Floor Cleaning, Repair and Polishing. Mr & Mrs Berry, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 7th January 2014.

‘We found Tile & Stone Medic on the internet. Paul came out to assess the work as the floor had several cracks in it due to movement. The floor has been fully repaired, cleaned and polished. It looks completely different. We are so pleased’

Tile & Stone Medics Overview

The terrazzo floor had several cracks in it that need to be repaired prior to any cleaning work. Special formulated wax is melted into the cracks using a special iron at 300 degrees. The wax dries within seconds. The excess is then scraped off and the area rubbed over with a series of small hand held diamond pads to smooth down. The floor is then cleaned and polished using our cheetah pad diamond system. The floor was then finally sealed!