Terrazzo Floor and Stair Repair, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 21st July 2014

Summary of work undertaken

Tile & Stone Medic were called in, to repair some pretty large chips in a terrazzo stair case at the university. It was feared that they had become a health and safety issue. A similar colour resin was used called paglierino, this was mixed with a hardener, so that the resin dries within minutes and cures as hard as stone. Once the repair has dried, they are then cut down using hand held diamond micron pads with water to the same level as the original stair. Five stages are used at this point, a 60grit (green), then a 120grit (black), then a 400grit (red), then a 800grit (yellow) and finally to finish off to a shine a 1200grit (white). This work one full day. Of course the repair will never be invisible, but it certainly made the stairs safe again as well as improving their appearance significantly.