The customer wanted their Travertine floor in Worcestershire cleaning, repairing where there were a few holes and cracks and then polishing back up to a satin finish.

Heavy duty floor cleaner was mopped on to the floor and then 220 grit honing powder was applied to the wet area and agitated with a rotary machine and a soft to medium rotary brush. The area was worked for approximately 3 minutes. The 2 products added together creates a yogurt like consistency and cause an abrasion if you like to the acid sensitive surface. This process not only creates a new surface to the floor, but also helps to clean out all the tiny holes that are so inherent in many travertine floors. The floor was then rinsed using freshwater extraction.

Once this processed was finished across the whole floor the floor was then cleaned over again, using freshwater, a rotary machine and a 800 grit diamond bad to help close up the now exposed pores in the stone in preparation for it to be polished. The floor was again freshwater extracted.

The floor was then dried and polished to a satin finish using ‘KP85’ Polishing powder, rotary machine and a natural hair pad and then freshwater extracted.

Finally once the floor was dry, it was sealed with ‘Miracle Plus 511 H20’ none enhancing impregnation sealer and buffed back to a satin shine using a rotary machine and white pad!

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