Mrs Davies was not happy with her travertine tile floor in Lancashire. It is a floor that she had inherited with the house, but she felt it always looked dull and dirty. So Tile & Stone Medic Lancashire were called in for a bit of advice. It was decided after discussion with the customer that she wanted a high shine to see if that would give a bit more life to the floor. The floor was cleaned using Tile & Stone Medics Heavy Duty Tile, Stone & Grout Cleaner, agitated with the rotary machine and relevant floor pads and rinsed using freshwater extraction to ensure the floor dried to a Ph neutral. Once the floor was dried the floor was sealed using two coats of the appropriate sealer and then a hard wearing resilient high shine polish applied. The customer took our advice regarding the after care maintenance plan and is now using Tile & Stone Medics Neutral Cleaner and Tile & Stone Medics Neutral Floor Maintainer! This will significantly extend the life of the work we have carried out.