Victorian Hall tiled floor in Macclesfield, Cheshire

The owners had just moved into the property and were very pleased to find a lovely Victorian tiled floor under a carpet, however on removing the carpet they were greeted by a lot of old glue, gripper rods and paint, that’s besides the general dirt and grime, all of which needed to be removed.

We started by removing all the gripper rods, glue and paint, then applied cleaning and stripping solutions and cleaned with a heavy rotary machine and scrubbing pads, the floor was thoroughly rinsed, all slurry was vacuumed away and the floor left to dry overnight.

We returned the following day to apply 4 coats of solvent based colour enhancing sealer, after consulting with us, the customer took our advice and chose this option rather than a coating due to the fact they had a dog, whose claws over time would scratch this type of sealer off, leaving the floor dull. This sealer also deepens the colours in the floor and leaves a left lovely matt finish.