Mrs Robinson

‘I just love that satin finish look, it really brings out the colours in the floor!’

Cleaning this Victorian Minton tiled floor in Lancashire was simple, it was actually in really good condition. No repair work or replacement tiles were required, although there was still some old polish left around the edges that needed to be removed.

The floor was worked on at one square metre a time. Floor stripper and heavy duty floor cleaner were moped onto the floor and left to dwell for 5-10 minutes, making sure that the floor area being stripped and cleaned never began to dry. The area was then agitated using a heavy and slow rotating rotary with a medium rotary brush attached. The floor was then rinsed with freshwater extraction. This process was carried out again and again until such time all the floor had been treated. The floor was left over night to dry for inspection the following day.

On the second day there were still a few areas with a little bit of the old polish residue. This was removed using a hand held paint stripper. The floor was lightly moped over using Tile & Stone Medics ‘Neutral Floor Cleaner’ and left to dry.

Once the floor was dry the floor was sealed and treated with 3 coats of our ‘Floormatte’ acrylic polish, to create the satin finish that the customer desired!

Mrs Robinson took our advice and purchased some of our neutral floor cleaner and neutral floor maintainer to add to the longevity of their now revitalised and loved floor!