This floor was in good condition considering the age of it, but the customer thought it was time to get it professionally cleaned and polished to enhance its look. We were called upon to carry out our Victorian Minton tile cleaning service in Worcestershire.

High alkaline heavy duty floor cleaner was mopped on to the floor and 220 grit honing powder then sprinkled on to the wet area. The area was then agitated with a rotary machine and a soft to medium rotary brush. The area was then rinsed and neutralised using freshwater extraction. This process was carried out across the whole floor by one metre squared areas at a time.

Honing powder is a great tool to have, as it creates an abrasive like yogurt consistency with the heavy duty floor cleaner and enables cleaning into the small pores of the tiles that have formed over years due to wear.

Once the floor was dry, it was sealed using one coat of Pioneer Eclipse Envrio Star Green floor sealer. Once this had dried, three coats of Pioneer Eclipse Floormatte were applied which creates a lovely natural looking satin polished finish.