We find the most amazing floors in all kinds of places.

Here you can see what we started off with, as is all too common, a lovely victorian floor that had been covered up. For some reason, maybe stylistic or practical, this superb example of a victorian tiled floor had been hidden. As is often the case, a spot of refurbishment had revealed it’s potential to the owner of the property and we were only too happy to bring out that potential.

In cases such as this, the first step is to identify the best way to remove the debris from the surface of the tile. Depending on the material that has been laid on top of the tiles, this can vary from being pretty straightforward to rather time consuming. It is essential that the tiles are not damaged by such a removal process. If the sub-floor, be it concrete, wood, sand or some other structure, has moved it may be necessary to secure tiles. In rare cases a replacement tile may be needed.

Once the tiles have been fully unearthed, we can turn our attention to how to bring out their best. We have a range of equipment and solutions which enable us to deal with small areas of damage such as scratches, and in some cases remove a fine layer of the tiles to reveal a fresh surface. This will of course depend on the condition of the tiles and how they made. Once we have gotten the tiles into the best possible shape, as well as paying attention to the more vulnerable grout, we can begin work on the finish.

Whether you are looking for a matte, gloss or satin finish, we can create a range of finishes to suit your desire. As well as matching the floor to the aesthetic of your home, this also has the important effect of protecting the tiles and grout. By forming a protective layer above the tiles, the changes of stains are reduced, and dirt and grit will not wear away at the tile itself as quickly.

If you’d like to find out how we can restore your floor, get in touch today.