York Stone & Slate Fireplace Cleaning & Sealing Stretton on Dunsmore, Rugby, Warwickshire. Mr & Mrs Williamson 7th February 2014

‘We have had the fireplace over 20 years. It was looking a bit dull and we thought about having it taken out. It would have been a big job, plus we still like it. We looked on the internet and found a company called Tile & Stone Medic, who cleaned stone fireplaces. We called them and got an instant response, they came out to have a look. Paul was really helpful, he gave us advice on what finish to have on the stone. We kept the York Stone natural and the slate had some kind of colour enhancer in a matt finish. It looks great!’

Tile & Stone Medics Overview

Most of the day was spent stripping 20 years of sealers and polishes off the slate tiles by hand. This was done by applying a concentrated high alkaline stripping solution on the slate tiles and leaving to dwell for 10 minutes. The tiles were then agitated with brushes by hand and then fresh water extracted. The York Stone was cleaned with a microsplitter. Once the stone was dry, it was sealed. Mr & Mrs Williamson on our advice, decided to go for the colour enhancing impregnating sealer.