Do you have natural stone floors or ceramic tiles and walls with unsightly chips, holes or cracks? Look no further, Tile & Stone Medic Worcestershire have the specialist repair solution for you!

All natural stone and tile surfaces used in the home will eventually show signs of wear and tear during their use. Whether hit with the occasional spillage, a catastrophic impact or regular, heavy footfall, we’ve seen floors and walls in almost all states of disrepair. In many instances, Tile & Stone Medic Worcestershire are able to carry out repairs to ceramic tile or natural stone floors and walls and leave your home or business with excellent results.

Our experience

Each installation of natural stone or tile used in the home has its own maintenance requirements and quirks. The advantage when working with Tile & Stone Medic Worcestershire is that we have years’ of experience working with almost all of them. We are completely versed in the specific requirements of these unique, variable materials so will be able to quickly identify the cause of the damage and provide a repair solution.

Efficient repairs

Our hard floor and wall repair services are carried out on time and with maximum efficiency so you get the more value for money from your repair. If you can provide images via email or a description of the repairs you require in many cases we can make an assessment remotely and speed up our workflow even more. Few companies are able to offer this level of efficiency and experience and we pass these savings onto you in the form of competitive prices you’ll love.

Hassle free

We always go the extra mile to ensure the best possible experience for our clients. That means Tile & Stone Medic Worcestershire will leave your space in as good or better condition than we discover it in, thoroughly cleaning up after ourselves every time. Our technicians will arrive promptly and in almost all cases finish the job completely within the allocated time. We will not drag dangerous or oversized machinery through your premises or home to perform your repairs and will of course always follow all relevant health and safety codes.

Please note, whilst Tile & Stone Medic Worcestershire carry out all repairs to the highest professional standards, no guarantees can be made that repairs will not be seen due to a none exact colour match or uneven flooring. Many factors are out of our control, including age of the tile, wear and tear of the tile, location of the tile and also the general environment the floor/tiles are and have been subject to. It is always worth giving our trained technicians a call to get some informed advice before replacing any floors.

Of course it depends on the extent of the repair work required, but if you have cracks in your terrazzo floor, holes appearing in your travertine tiles, pesky tea rings on your marble table or any other type of issue requiring servicing, then contact Tile & Stone Medic Worcestershire today and discover more about how we can help.