Mr & Mrs James wanted our Terrazzo floor repair and cleaning service in Lancashire.

First thing was to do the repairs. Where cracks are involved, Tile & Stone Medic repair these using specially formulated wax sticks, which are literally as hard and dense as stone in their unused state. The stick is put over the crack and an extremely high heat hand held iron melts the wax into the cracks, once all the cracks are filled they are left to dry, this literally takes seconds. Once dry the surface excess wax is scraped away from the surface using a paint stripper and then smoothed down to blend in with the floor with the appropriate diamond pads.

The next step was to deep clean the floor using heavy duty floor cleaner, 220 grit honing powder, rotary machine and rinse and neutralise using freshwater extraction.The floor was then cleaned again with freshwater, rotary machine and a 800 grit diamond pad to help close up the pores in the surface of the terrazzo to ensure the next step was a success.

The floor was left to dry.

Once dry the floor was polished using polishing powder KP85, rotary machine and a 3000 grit polishing pad. The floor was then freswater extracted.

Once the floor was dry it was then buffed and sealed using Miracle 511 Plus H20 impregnator seal.