Tile floor repairs service Lancashire

Do you have ceramic tile or natural stone floors or walls with unsightly chips, holes or cracks? Tile & Stone Medic Lancashire have the solution!

All natural stone and tile surfaces used in the home will eventually show signs of wear and tear during their use. Whether they’re damaged by the occasional spillage, a single catastrophic impact or regular, heavy footfall, we’ve seen floors and walls in almost all states of disrepair. In many instances, Tile & Stone Medic Lancashire are able to carry out repairs to ceramic tile or natural stone floors and walls and leave your home or business looking better than ever.

In most cases, Tile & Stone Medic Lancashire will be able to repair your ceramic tile or natural stone floors and walls. It will be dependent on the extent of the repair work required, but if you have cracks in your terrazzo floor, holes forming in your travertine tiles, a tea ring on your marble table or any other type of small reparations that need to be carried out, get in touch with Tile & Stone Medic Lancashire today. Our experienced and friendly technicians will be happy to help.

Efficient repairs

Our hard floor and wall repair services are carried out on time and with maximum efficiency so you get the more value for money from your repair. If you can provide images via email or a description of the repairs you require in many cases we can make an assessment remotely and speed up our workflow even more. Few companies are able to offer this level of efficiency and experience and we pass these savings onto you in the form of competitive prices.

Hassle free

We always go the extra mile to ensure the best possible experience for our clients. That means Tile & Stone Medic Lancashire will leave your space in as good or better condition than we discover it in, thoroughly cleaning up after ourselves every time. Our technicians will arrive promptly and in almost all cases finish the job completely within the allocated time. We will not drag dangerous or oversized machinery through your premises or home to perform your repairs and will of course always follow all relevant health and safety codes.


This will vary on a case by case basis but most floors will be fully repaired and ready for use the same day the repairs are carried out.

We offer practical advice on how to protect your investment in future to keep your repaired floor looking great. We always apply sealant after repairing damaged flooring and this sealer should maintain a protective layer for at least 12 months.

Whilst we can’t guarantee an exact match, we are proud of our work and always aim to please. We will endeavour to match repairs to the colour of existing flooring as closely as possible.

How much improvement we can make depends on the scale of the damage. Send us over some pictures or talk us through the damage and we’ll find the best solution for you.

Whilst we may use specialist chemicals in the course of our work, we can assure you that by the time we leave all residues will be gone and your tile or stone flooring will be perfectly safe for everyone to use. We work to extremely high standards of health and safety, conducting proper risk assessments where appropriate and never putting you or anyone else in danger.

We always work in the most considerate way possible. Work will be tailored to your needs and will fit around your schedule where possible. We avoid bringing loud or bulky machinery into your home and when a job is complete we thoroughly clean up after ourselves to leave your space looking as tidy as it did when we arrived.

Yes, ideally if you want the job done to the best of our ability, then all furniture, kick plates in kitchens etc should be removed. However, don’t worry we will help you manage this.
Absolutely! we are always happy to show you our insurance certificates or down load them to you if so required.
Once we have spoken to you in more detail we will be able to give you an idea of the time allocation required to restore your floors to a high level.