Quarry Tile Floor Cleaning Lancashire

Quarry tiles have have been a popular choice for kitchen and interior flooring for many years. So much so, in fact, that often they’re so old that they’re buried underneath other flooring that has been installed on top. If you’ve uncovered some in your home, or simply need help cleaning or maintaining your current quarry tile floor, Tile & Stone Medic Lancashire are here to help.

Common issues

Quarry tile floors were once very common in terraces and farmhouses across the country, but many of these floors have since fallen into disrepair. Uncovering quarry tiles from beneath tiling or carpet which has been laid on top is a common job. Depending on what has been used to hold the layered tile or carpet in place, removal can be tricky and should be handled by a professional to avoid damage to the quarry tiles beneath. Strong adhesive can be particularly difficult to remove with without the right equipment.

Since quarry tile flooring can be many years old, often it simply needs a thorough clean. Years of ground in dust and dirt leads some people to think their tiling is beyond repair, but in fact that’s often not the case. Whilst the tiles may appear dirty and discoloured, they’re surprisingly resilient.

Surface damage such as scratches and other abrasions can occur if the tiles haven’t been properly sealed. Grit and dust can be trodden into the floor and over time this can leave lasting marks. A professional polish, buff and reseal is usually enough to remedy this. Worst case scenario, damaged tiles may need to be replaced.

Cracks can occur if the quarry tiles haven’t been laid on an appropriate subfloor. Whilst the top surface of quarry tiling is water resistant, the underside can be damaged by liquid. Water damage through the subfloor will weaken the strength of tile, meaning it’ll be more likely to become loose or shatter from even minor impacts. Cracks caused by impacts and falling objects require replacement tiles.

How we maintain quarry tile flooring

Tile & Stone Medic Lancashire work with a range of cleaning and repair products suitable for quarry tile floor treatment. Adhesives and residues from floors which have been placed on top of quarry tile flooring are easily treated. Once the residue has been identified it’s just a case of picking the right cleaning product and methodically removing it from the quarry tiles.

After any surface glue has been removed we would typically give the quarry tiles a thorough clean. Since quarry tiles are pretty hardwearing, cutting through large amounts of grease and dirt is rarely a problem. You may be surprised at the vibrant colour of the tiles once we’ve gotten rid of the surface dirt!

Once the tiles have been properly cleaned it’ll be very obvious if they have suffered any damage. Scratches and surface marks can be buffed out and in cases where replacement quarry tiles are needed we’ll help source them.

Finally, after the tiles have been cleaned and polished, we apply a tough coat of sealer. Though quarry tile floors are indeed hardwearing, a professional applied sealer will protect your tiles and ensure they stay looking great for as long as possible.

Will repairing my quarry tiles cause disruption?

We work around you and tailor our approach to suit your needs. We always avoid causing inconvenience and work as quickly and efficiently as possible so you get the most value for money.

Generally, we can restore quarry tile flooring in a few hours. In cases where flooring has been installed on top of quarry tiles and first needs to be removed the job can take a little longer. We would need to at least shuffle around, if not remove entirely, any fixtures and furniture which might stop us getting through to the buried quarry tiles.

The chemicals we use for restoration of quarry tile floors are always safe for use in the home, we never use chemicals which would put you at risk.

If you’d like some help making your quarry floor tiles look great again, don’t hesitate to get in touch. With years of experience working with quarry tiles, Tile & Stone Medic Lancashire would be glad to assist you.


Whilst we may use specialist chemicals in the course of our work, we can assure you that by the time we leave all residues will be gone and your tile or stone flooring will be perfectly safe for everyone to use. We work to extremely high standards of health and safety, conducting proper risk assessments where appropriate and never putting you or anyone else in danger.

We always work in the most considerate way possible. Work will be tailored to your needs and will fit around your schedule where possible. We avoid bringing loud or bulky machinery into your home and when a job is complete we thoroughly clean up after ourselves to leave your space looking as tidy as it did when we arrived.

Yes, ideally if you want the job done to the best of our ability, then all furniture, kick plates in kitchens etc should be removed. However, don’t worry we will help you manage this.
Absolutely! we are always happy to show you our insurance certificates or down load them to you if so required.
Once we have spoken to you in more detail we will be able to give you an idea of the time allocation required to restore your floors to a high level.