Black Slate kitchen floor stripping cleaning and sealing in Ridley Nr Tarporley Cheshire for Mrs Malone.

The owner of this lovely slate floor had resorted to using grout whitener on the grout lines as they were proving impossible to clean, so she called us in.

First we applied our Heavy duty floor cleaner mixed with some Floorstrip and left it dwell for about 15 mins, we then hand scrubbed all the grout lines, corners and edges followed by a rotary machine using a medium brush to ensure all the grout whitener had been removed, some of the more stubborn areas were finished by hand with a stiff bristle brush. The floor was then rinsed with hot water from our machine and all slurry extracted back to a tank in the van.

After allowing the floor to dry the final process was to apply 3/4 of coats of our Satin Seal to bring out the colours and to help protect the floor and grout from future staining and….. no need for grout whitener !