Flagstone Tile Floor Cleaning Cheshire

The best flagstone floor cleaning Cheshire has to offer

Flagstone is an excellent material for flooring, offering a durable, attractive finish and a rustic, farmhouse feel. Flagstone has many benefits as a flooring material, combining both a great natural appearance with the kind of toughness normally associated with man made materials. Flagstone is a versatile stone, suited to a number of both indoor and outdoor settings in walls as well as floors. Flagstone cleaning requires carefully selected solutions and equipment in order to preserve and protect the floor from damage in the long term. At Tile & Stone Medic Cheshire, we have many years of experience getting the best out of flagstone floors and we would be happy to help you maintain yours.

Common issues with flagstone flooring we solve

Whilst flagstone is a highly durable material, like all flooring it does require a degree of maintenance in order to prevent common issues from developing into more serious problems.

  • Grouting repair and maintenance to secure flagstone tiles
  • Moisture protection with professionally applied commercial grade sealer
  • Polishing and buffing to restore shine
  • Restoring natural colours
  • Small chips and cracks

Flagstone floor grouting and subfloor maintenance

Flagstone requires a sturdy subfloor to support its heavy tiles. If the subfloor is not up to the task, the individual stones can become loose and uneven. Loose flagstone could become a trip hazard so should be fixed promptly. If left untreated, loose flagstones could eventually crack. Whilst we can repair minor damage to tiles as part of our flagstone floor cleaning service, major cracks in flagstone may require replacement tiles. If grouting has been used, wear here can also be a cause of instability. We can repair and reseal grouting and even offer a variety of colour options to match your flagstone tiles more closely to your grouting.

Prevent moisture damaging flagstone

Moisture poses a threat to flagstone if not dealt with quickly. Over time, exposure to moisture will leave liquid marks on the surface of the stone. These are not only quite unsightly, detracting from the appearance of the floor, but are also damaging to the structure of the flagstone. Regular spills and splashes can lead to a softening of the surface of the stone, making it increasingly likely to crack, chip or flake as a result of an impact.

Sealing flagstone floor tiles

Professionally cleaning flagstone and sealing its surface should leave it looking stunning, but over time the effect will be reduced as a natural consequence of wear and tear. Regular footfall, pet claws, spills, dust and dirt all create microscopic abrasions in the surface of the flagstone, wearing at the seal and finish of the floor and eventually leaving it dull and lifeless. The process happens very gradually, we generally find that a professionally cleaned flagstone floor requires a maintenance clean roughly every 6-9 months, depending on the use the floor gets. We stock some of the best sealing equipment available to restore worn or tired flagstone flooring to a wonderful, attractive finish.

How we clean flagstone flooring

One of the most commonly used cleaning services we provide for flagstone flooring is buffing and polishing. Polishing the flagstone tiles can reduce the visual impact of ground in dust and dirt, as well as light liquid damage. Polishing can reach deeper into the stone too, by using carefully selected agitation chemicals formulated for use on flagstone floor tiles we can loosen deeper and more engrained dirt. Our expertise means we can restore even very dirty flagstone floors which have been neglected for many years.

Flagstone is a porous material, meaning that without protection it will naturally absorb moisture from dropped food, wet feet and spillages. We regularly seal flagstone floors to create a barrier against moisture damage. We professionally seal flagstone floor with top quality sealant as a key part of our restoration process, we find this is the best way to protect the finish of a cleaned or refurbished floor. We stock a range of sealers suitable for flagstone which we can use to create a variety of different finishes, from the popular ‘wet-look’ finish through to a more subtle, matt-sheen. We always clean a flagstone floor before sealing it to ensure the best possible adhesion between the tile and the sealer, dust must be carefully removed first or the seal integrity will not hold.

We can carry out minor repairs to cracked or chipped flagstone during our cleaning, depending on the extent of the damage. If you have any questions about this part of our service please send over a description or preferably some photographs of the damage.

Cleaning flagstone floor without disruption

We are often able to complete our flagstone floor restoration work in a day, but of course this varies depending on the condition of the floor and the size of the area to be cleaned. Regardless of the amount of work required however, all of our customers receive the same high level service. All work will be carried out in a considerate and careful way, keeping noise and bulky equipment to a minimum. Any chemicals used will be washed and completely neutralised before work is completed, leaving a safe, clean floor ready for use.

If you have a flagstone floor in your home or office, Tile & Stone Medic Cheshire can help your restore it and ensure it remains protected. Get in touch today for a quote or to find out more about our professional floor cleaning services in Cheshire.


Yes, we stock a range of specialist sealers than offer a shiny ‘wet-look’ that looks great on flagstone floors.

Yes, we can provide the same high level stone cleaning service on outdoor stone floors including flagstone patios.

We apply a sealer to a floor in order to protect it. Different types of floor, both manmade and natural stone, are vulnerable to different sorts of damage. They can all be harmed by chemicals to a certain degree, even by the acid in food and drink spillages, as they will be very slightly porous. As well as this, they can be worn away by physical damage. Even foot traffic can have a big impact if dust or grit has built up on the floor, since it increases abrasions. A sealant will reduce the chance of a spill becoming a stain by reducing the floor’s ability to absorb liquids. It can also help protect the appearance of the floor by forming a protective barrier. A sealant won’t prevent all damage and it will still wear away over time, but it will help your floors last longer, helping protect your investment. Sealants will even help protect your floor from UV radiation which can lead to fading over the lifespan of a high value stone or tiled floor. We can consult with you to find the best sealant for your floor and the type of use it gets to make sure it receives the best form of protection.