Tiled Floor Cleaning & Restoration Cheshire

The most popular service at Tile & Stone Medic Cheshire is that of cleaning, restoring and sealing of all tiled floor types. Our many years’ experience in the industry means we have an array of cleaning solutions to suit all different types of man made and natural stone tiles. Our skill in selecting the most appropriate solutions for your tiles means work is handled efficiently but with superior quality results.

Identifying your floor

If you’re unsure exactly what type of tiles have been used for your flooring, take a look at the ‘floor types’ section of our website. Here you’ll find a list of all the varieties of tile use in domestic and commercial settings, together with information and advice about each type. It’s important we know what variety of tile we’re working with in order to tailor our approach and get you the best results possible. Certain products can’t be used on all surfaces and can often cause damage when used incorrectly. If you’re still not sure what type of tiles you have, send over a photo or give us a call, we’d be happy to help. You can rest assured that Tile & Stone Medic Cheshire will identify the floor type that you have before we decide as to the appropriate solutions that should be used and never risk causing damage.

Our Process

Whatever the condition of your tile flooring, we’ll asses the damage and condition and take the most appropriate action. Where repairs are necessary we’ll discuss these with you and take care to get as close to a match with the rest of the floor as is possible. Please note it may not always be possible to achieve a 100% match, but in most cases we are able to carry out repairs to an outstanding result.

After identifying and applying the relevant cleaning solutions to your tiles, they are worked into the top surface with our cutting edge rotary cleaners. The solutions are then left to dwell for a brief period of time. Once the dwell time has been reached, the floor is then washed with our powerful fresh water extractor systems to ensure complete removal of all old sealers, dirt and other contaminants from the surface of the tiles. The tiles are then washed over several times to ensure that the floor is completely neutralised and free of any soiling. When the floor has completely dried we apply the sealer. The sealers range from impregnating sealers which will not alter the natural look of the tile, to matt, satin or popular high gloss finishes. Tile & Stone Medic Cheshire are happy to give you advice on the most appropriate sealer to use for maximum effect on your tile floor.

We work to the highest standards of safety and consideration for your environment. Our team create an absolute minimum of noise and will always endeavour to leave as a space in as good or better condition that we found it in.

Advice on cost effective maintenance programmes and products to enhance and maximise the life of your tile floor are available on request. Please call us to speak to an experienced technician today.


The process we carry out will depend on your specific floor and the use that it gets. There will be variations for different materials and the finish that you wish to achieve. The process will also be impacted by the full scale of work that we carry out, for example which types of cleaning and restoration are being performed. It is not unusual to apply several layers of sealant if this is necessary and appropriate.

Firstly, a floor should always be sealed when it is first laid. Get in touch with us straight away if this hasn’t been carried out already. It will also need periodic sealing in order to protect the floor on an ongoing basis. How often sealing is required depends on a number of factors such as the specific material used for your flooring and the kind of use it has to survive. For example, a bathroom with natural tiles that is frequently exposed to water may require sealing more often than porcelain tiles in a kitchen. Frequent maintenance, such as sweeping and hoovering up the dust and grit that erodes floors when trodden on can help. Once the sealant is worn away, not only will scratches be more likely, the risk of staining or permanent damage from liquids is drastically increased as there is no protective layer to prevent absorption. If in doubt get in touch with our team of friendly technicians who can discuss your needs.

We have a range of high quality Faber products which will help protect your floors from damage. As every type of floor is different and has myriad uses, we will consult with you to work out the best way to protect your investment. We can apply topical sealants which form a protective layer on top of the floor, or if needed an impregnating sealant, which will be partially absorbed into the stone or tiles. There are many variations of these sealants and as each floor type has unique characteristics and vulnerabilities we can work with you to find and apply the the best kind of protection.

Absolutely. If this was not carried out by those who fitted the floor get in touch immediately to ensure that the appropriate protection can be applied as promptly as possible. We would recommend that this is carried out once the flooring is in place as this means the grout, which is generally more porous, will also be protected.

We apply a sealer to a floor in order to protect it. Different types of floor, both manmade and natural stone, are vulnerable to different sorts of damage. They can all be harmed by chemicals to a certain degree, even by the acid in food and drink spillages, as they will be very slightly porous. As well as this, they can be worn away by physical damage. Even foot traffic can have a big impact if dust or grit has built up on the floor, since it increases abrasions. A sealant will reduce the chance of a spill becoming a stain by reducing the floor’s ability to absorb liquids. It can also help protect the appearance of the floor by forming a protective barrier. A sealant won’t prevent all damage and it will still wear away over time, but it will help your floors last longer, helping protect your investment. Sealants will even help protect your floor from UV radiation which can lead to fading over the lifespan of a high value stone or tiled floor. We can consult with you to find the best sealant for your floor and the type of use it gets to make sure it receives the best form of protection.

Absolutely, we stock a range of high quality sealers which we can use to make your tiles shine like new.

In many cases yes, it’s one of our specialities. We’ll need to take a look at the amount of staining to make a proper assessment.

Call Tile & Stone Medic! It sounds like your grout may be contaminated we frequently fix discoloured grouting.

In many cases we can, although it depends on the type of tile and how serious the damage is. Let us take us a look at your floor and we’ll make an assessment. Please note we can only carry out floor repairs as part of a full deep clean or restoration for your stone floor. Unfortunately, we are not able to attend to carry out repairs in isolation.

Generally yes, depending on how many have become loose and the condition of the subfloor, we can generally restore loose tiles without issue.

Whilst we may use specialist chemicals in the course of our work, we can assure you that by the time we leave all residues will be gone and your tile or stone flooring will be perfectly safe for everyone to use. We work to extremely high standards of health and safety, conducting proper risk assessments where appropriate and never putting you or anyone else in danger.

We always work in the most considerate way possible. Work will be tailored to your needs and will fit around your schedule where possible. We avoid bringing loud or bulky machinery into your home and when a job is complete we thoroughly clean up after ourselves to leave your space looking as tidy as it did when we arrived.

Yes, ideally if you want the job done to the best of our ability, then all furniture, kick plates in kitchens etc should be removed. However, don’t worry we will help you manage this.
Absolutely! we are always happy to show you our insurance certificates or down load them to you if so required.
Once we have spoken to you in more detail we will be able to give you an idea of the time allocation required to restore your floors to a high level.
Because all floors require their own individual needs, perhaps different cleaning solutions, strippers and sealers it is impossible to give an average cost. Some areas of floor are very large and again this will have an impact on the costings as they may take longer to restore. Tile & Stone Medic will either arrrange an onsite visit to assess the floor in question, or, if we do not have local cover in that area, we will talk to you in more detail over the phone and perhaps request that you down load some pictures of the floor to us.