Limestone Tile Cleaning & Restoration Cheshire

Limestone is one of the most attractive natural materials to use in the home, however it is also one of the most challenging. At Tile & Stone Medic Cheshire we have many years experience finding the best cleaning and restoration solutions for this wonderful stone, so if you have some in your home and would like help with maintenance then why not reach out to one of our friendly technicians today to find out how we can help?

Common issues when cleaning limestone floor tiles

  • Marks from water damage
  • Staining from corrosive substances
  • Dull appearance lacking in shine
  • Chips and flaking from impact

Since Limestone is one of the softest natural stones available it can begin to show signs of wear more readily that some alternatives. When used as flooring in the home even heavy footfall can wear away at the surface if it has not been properly treated. Hard soled shoes like heels can be particularly damaging. Limestone is also highly vulnerable to liquid damage, particularly from common kitchen items such as fruit juices and sauces. If not promptly cleaned up or if the floor is not properly sealed these will quickly stain the surface of the rock.

Be wary of DIY solutions and off the shelf limestone tile cleaning products. Limestone is highly unique and many products that might claim to be suitable for use on natural stone are in fact damaging to Limestone. Only specialist products are suitable and even then only if they are used properly. Staining and flaking will happen otherwise, so if in any doubt consult one of our professional team.

When the top surface of a Limestone floor appears to lose its finish or sheen it is usually a sign that a fresh coat of sealer is required. Without a proper layer of sealer on the surface dirt and dust will cling to the contours of the stone. It will become more difficult to clean and will discolour. If you have noticed fading on your limestone tiles then chances are you need a polish and reseal.

How we maintain limestone flooring

No matter what sort of wear has become visible on your limestone Tile & Stone Medic Cheshire have the experience to provide the best solution. We’ve worked with limestone for years and can quickly identify the issue, the probable cause of the damage and the best solution.

Where a limestone floor is beginning to show scratches, abrasions and swirling on its surface we would generally use specialist polishing tools to gently buff out the damage, being especially careful to not wear away the soft surface of the rock. Where dirt and dust appear to have impregnated the surface of the rock we apply mild detergent to remove it. We work with a range of solutions depending on the level of soil on the floor, but you can rest assured that any and all the chemicals we do use will be absolutely suitable for use on limestone and will not cause any further damage.

Sealer is vitally important to finish the job, so after all detritus, staining and scratches have been removed we apply a protective coat. This is quite straightforward and dries quickly. We can tailor the finish to your specification by using different products, so do let us know if you’d like a shinier finish or would prefer a matt look.

Will repairing my limestone floor cause disruption

Whilst maintenance of limestone floor is a challenging process, it does not require large, bulky, noisy or otherwise inconvenient machinery to be dragged through your home. Our aim is to provide the best possible service with the minimum of disruption to your environment. All chemicals used will be completely neutralised before the work is completed and all practical work carried out will be done to the highest standards of health and safety practice. Our engineers are punctual and polite, arriving on time and completing work within the given timeframe providing there are no unexpected challenges or extraneous circumstances.

If you’d like to find out more or book our limestone floor restoration and repair service, pick up the phone for a chat with Tile & Stone Medic Cheshire today.

FAQs: Limestone Cleaning

Yes. Our specially formulated limestone sealers are perfect for protecting limestone floors from moisture damage. Do make sure to wipe up all spills quickly to protect the integrity of the seal and keep your limestone floor stay looking great for longer.

Our specially formulated cleaning solutions are far more effective at removing stubborn dirt from limestone floors than general off-the-shelf products. You will be amazed at the difference we can make to a dirty limestone floor.

We do carry out minor repairs whilst refurbishing floors. As a softer rock, limestone is particularly vulnerable to chips and flakes. Generally, we are able to deal with this as part of a refurbishment. For more info please send over some pictures of the floor and we’ll advise on how we can help.