Synthetic & Safety Floor Cleaning Cheshire

If you have a hard floor made from any sort of man made material which is showing signs of wear and tear you may benefit from our hard floor cleaning services. We provide restoration solutions for all types of synthetic hard flooring, so even if you’re not sure what you have simply reach out for a friendly no obligation chat about how we can help.

Our work

Natural stone and tile is our speciality, but that’s not all we are capable of servicing. Our cleaning solutions do wonders for vinyl, linoleum, amtico, karndene, marley, resin, altro type safety floors and many others. Having been providing successful hard floor cleaning solutions for many years, whatever your situation we’re confident in our ability to deliver results.

Man made flooring materials differ in their maintenance requirements from natural stone. They can, in some cases, be easier to treat than natural materials since they often do not have the sort of vulnerabilities that rock and stone have. We start with an initial assessment to understand the amount of wear to the floor and how best to repair it. Where damage is particularly bad replacement flooring can be required, but often when clients have thought they needed replacement flooring we’ve been able to get years more life from their existing hard floor.

Our experience

Because we’ve been cleaning hard floors for years, you can rest assured that we’ll always identify the best possible solution for you. Every different material and installation has its own challenging and it takes experience to know how best to deal with each situation. Whether making spot repairs, removing marks from the surface or treating nicks and scratches, you’ll be safe knowing that we are applying the best solution possible. Off the shelf products claiming to be suitable for use on all flooring types can sometimes even damage flooring further, so beware of DIY solutions and, if in doubt, speak to one of our technicians.

The finish

We want you to get the best value from our services, so we use our industry leading equipment to provide a quality finish that will last. We work with a range of professional grade, high quality sealers that resist wear and protect your hard floor from spillages and future damage. We select products based on the specific circumstance of each floor, but can also tailor the finish to your specification. We can finish floors with a shiny, reflective seal, or with a flatter satin or matt look depending on your preference. Just let us know what you would like and we will tailor our work accordingly.

Our standards

No matter how big or small the task, we take pride in working to the highest standards of professionalism. This means we work quickly and efficiently without cutting corners. All relevant risk assessments will be thoroughly carried out and all work undertaken will follow all regulations with respect to health and safety. Our polite, conscientious technicians will arrive on time and, barring any unexpected challenges, will complete work within the given timeframe. Any chemicals used will be completely neutralised before work is completed and spaces will be left as clean or cleaner than they were when our technicians arrived.

If you’d like help maintaining your hard floor we would be delighted to provide the maintenance or repair service you need. Whether you’re looking for a one off spot clean or a regular restoration programme, reach out today for a friendly, no obligation chat.

Safety floor in kids nursery in Ipstones Staffordshire after cleaning
Holland Street School
Thermoplastic floor tiles before


The process we carry out will depend on your specific floor and the use that it gets. There will be variations for different materials and the finish that you wish to achieve. The process will also be impacted by the full scale of work that we carry out, for example which types of cleaning and restoration are being performed. It is not unusual to apply several layers of sealant if this is necessary and appropriate.

Firstly, a floor should always be sealed when it is first laid. Get in touch with us straight away if this hasn’t been carried out already. It will also need periodic sealing in order to protect the floor on an ongoing basis. How often sealing is required depends on a number of factors such as the specific material used for your flooring and the kind of use it has to survive. For example, a bathroom with natural tiles that is frequently exposed to water may require sealing more often than porcelain tiles in a kitchen. Frequent maintenance, such as sweeping and hoovering up the dust and grit that erodes floors when trodden on can help. Once the sealant is worn away, not only will scratches be more likely, the risk of staining or permanent damage from liquids is drastically increased as there is no protective layer to prevent absorption. If in doubt get in touch with our team of friendly technicians who can discuss your needs.

There are lots of different types of hard floors, and even more names. In almost all cases we can help you improve the appearance of your synthetic floor. Get in touch to find out what we would recommend for your specific needs.

Most of the time yes, it can be polished and restored to much improved state. Synthetic floors tend to be quite hard-wearing so will stand up to the kind of polishing that will cut through the dirt.

Whilst we may use specialist chemicals in the course of our work, we can assure you that by the time we leave all residues will be gone and your tile or stone flooring will be perfectly safe for everyone to use. We work to extremely high standards of health and safety, conducting proper risk assessments where appropriate and never putting you or anyone else in danger.

We always work in the most considerate way possible. Work will be tailored to your needs and will fit around your schedule where possible. We avoid bringing loud or bulky machinery into your home and when a job is complete we thoroughly clean up after ourselves to leave your space looking as tidy as it did when we arrived.

Yes, ideally if you want the job done to the best of our ability, then all furniture, kick plates in kitchens etc should be removed. However, don’t worry we will help you manage this.
Absolutely! we are always happy to show you our insurance certificates or down load them to you if so required.
Once we have spoken to you in more detail we will be able to give you an idea of the time allocation required to restore your floors to a high level.