Mr Stones asked for our cleaning services for ceramic tile flooring in Lancashire. The customer was having a new kitchen fitted, but did not want to go to the expense of having a new floor. It was advised that he get the floor done first, as it would be quite a messy job looking at the condition of the tiles and grout and, although we do our best to clean up afterwards, we cannot guarantee 100 percent!

The floor was cleaned using Tile & Stone Medic’s Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner and left to dwell for 5 minutes. The floor was then agitated with a rotary machine and the appropriate brush. The floor was then rinsed using our powerful freshwater extraction system.

The floor was then left to dry and inspected to ensure all dirt had been removed. The floor and grout lines were then sealed using our Enviro Green Floor Sealer that creates a surface for the final satin finishes to key to the ceramic surface. Once the seal was dry 3 coats of Floor Matte was applied that leaves a satin finish to the floor. This creates a just cleaned look constantly and makes the floor much easier to clean.