Mr & Mrs Gornar were desperate to try and restore their quarry tile floor in Lancashire back to its original state, after the floor had been ruined by careless builders that had not put down any protection to protect the floor.

The floor was mainly covered in grout, cement, plaster and a sticky black glue like substance. The floor was firstly mopped over with clean water, the purpose here was to reduce the porosity effects of this type of floor, once the floor was nice and wet a phosphoric acid was then mopped onto the floor, this was used to break down the grout etc. Wetting the floor stops the floor from drying to quick and therefore not allowing enough dwell time for the acid to work. The floor was left to dwell for five minutes and then agitated using a sixty kilogram rotary machine and a medium bristle rotary brush. The floor was then treated with a high alkaline floor stripper to remove the sticky black substance. The floor was then neutralised by rinsing with our freshwater extraction system.

Once the floor was dry it had 2 coats of Miracle colour enhancing sealer applied that brings out the colours in the tile, but with a natural matt finish.