The customers in Warwickshire requested our ceramic tile cleaning service. The customers have two dogs and wanted a finish that was a little brighter and easier to maintain. Tile & Stone Medic recommended a satin floor finish with a maintenance plan of using Tile & Stone Medics Neutral Cleaner once a week and Tile & Stone Medics Neutral Floor Maintainer every four weeks to help maintain the satin finish.

The Floor was cleaned using Tile & Stone Medics new heavy duty ‘Tile, Stone & Grout Microsplitter Cleaner’. It is completely safe to use and has no odours. This was mopped onto the floor and left to dwell for five minutes. The area treated was then agitated using a rotary machine and soft to medium rotary brush. The area was then rinsed using freshwater extraction. Once all the floor were done, it was left to dry. Once dry the floor was treated with our satin floor finish and seal. Three coats were applied.

Another happy customer!