Tarmac Renovation Service

Are you fed up with the state of your tarmac drive? But don’t want to fork out the huge cost of replacing it? You no longer have to. Our tarmac renovator service can save you the cost of a new driveway by opening up years more life from your existing drive. Whether your current tarmac has become chipped or frayed, or has faded to a lacklustre light grey, Tile & Stone Medic’s tarmac renovation service will provide the solution you need at a price you’ll love.


Our tarmac renovator could be the ideal simple and cost effective remedy for your driveway. For a fraction of the cost of replacing your driveway we could have your current drive looking just as good as new and stay looking good for years to come! Using a professional restoration system your faded and stained tarmac drive can be restored and preserved. Designed to renew, waterproof & protect tarmac drives, resist oil and fuel stains and the re-formation of fungal growth, our system refreshes old discoloured tarmac & covers existing stains.

We can apply a range of sealants to deliver the finish you prefer, whether that’s a ‘wet-look’ finish or a flat matt appearance. Our quality sealer will protect your tarmac for years, deflecting rain and preventing moss from taking hold. For the results to last as long as possible the tarmac needs to be adequately protected from the elements, so we only use the best products to achieve this.

Working with us

Not only do we offer our fantastic renovation service at a great price, we’re also happy to work with you for future maintenance. Our trained technicians are happy to discuss regular maintenance contracts to ensure your driveway always looks its best. We’re also on hand to advise on the best practise to keep your tarmac looking great between cleans. If you would like to provide an image or description of the wear on your tarmac we’d be happy to make a remote assessment where possible. We’ll always aim to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible and you can rest assured our staff will be punctual and polite, completing work safely, in good time and to the highest standard.

If your tarmac drive needs refurbishing, let us revitalise your investment and enhance your property value. Reach out today for an estimate or a no obligation chat about how we can help get outstanding results for you.

Examples of our work


Yes. Tarmac can fade from daily use and direct sunlight, if yours has faded we can restore it.

Certainly. Please note we can only carry out floor repairs as part of a full deep clean or restoration for your stone floor. Unfortunately, we are not able to attend to carry out repairs in isolation.

In many cases yes, exactly how much value is added varies.

It depends on how long the driveway is, most domestic tarmac driveways can be completed the same day work is begun.

Whilst we may use specialist chemicals in the course of our work, we can assure you that by the time we leave all residues will be gone and your tile or stone flooring will be perfectly safe for everyone to use. We work to extremely high standards of health and safety, conducting proper risk assessments where appropriate and never putting you or anyone else in danger.

We always work in the most considerate way possible. Work will be tailored to your needs and will fit around your schedule where possible. We avoid bringing loud or bulky machinery into your home and when a job is complete we thoroughly clean up after ourselves to leave your space looking as tidy as it did when we arrived.

Yes, ideally if you want the job done to the best of our ability, then all furniture, kick plates in kitchens etc should be removed. However, don’t worry we will help you manage this.
Absolutely! we are always happy to show you our insurance certificates or down load them to you if so required.
Once we have spoken to you in more detail we will be able to give you an idea of the time allocation required to restore your floors to a high level.