Flagstone cleaned & polished

The customers moved into the house approximately two years ago and it was after many alterations in the house that the next stage was to restore the kitchen and dining area flagstone floor by stripping it of its old tired looking polish, deep cleaning it and then sealed and polished. The customer wanted the floor to look as evenly polished across the whole area as possible.

This is how we did it!

The appropriate dilution of Faber COTTOSOLV was mixed with freshwater and mopped on to the floor, approximately two square metres at a given time, this was left to dwell for five minutes. Once the dwell time had been achieved the floor was agitated using one of our new ‘Maxi Orbit’ rotary machines and a soft to medium rotary brush. The floor was then rinsed and neutralised using freshwater extraction. This process was carried out over the entire floor area.

As the floor area was large and there was a lot of furniture, we arranged with the customer that we would clean and seal the floors over two days and in two halves. The first day we concentrated on the dinning area and moved the furniture into the kitchen area and the following day we moved the furniture back to the dining area so we could spend the day on the kitchen area free of any furniture.

The floor areas that had been stripped and cleaned were dried for a few hours using our large commercial driers. Once dried the floor was sealed and polished using Faber ‘HIDROFAB’ that gives the floor a satin finish, also it allows the floor to breath and thus allows vapour transmission. Therefore as some old house are, if build on soil or ash foundations, it will still allow moisture to escape through the floors and therefore avoiding sometimes permanent damage such as efflorescence. Two coats were applied to the floors, approximately one our a part to allow to dry. Once the floors were dry they were buffed over with a rotary machine and white bad to harden the finish and therefore make it more resilient.

As all floors with these desired finishes, maintenance advice was given to the customer, we recommend mopping the floors once a week with ‘Minet Clean & Gloss’, this a a cleaner and floor maintainer in one and will keep your floors nice and polished for longer.

If you need your flagstone floors, stripped, cleaned, sealed and polished, please contact us for a no obligation quotation.


Flagstone Before

Flagstone cleaned & polished