Terracotta floor cleaning services

Terracotta is a popular choice of tile for kitchen flooring and decoration in many homes and buildings, offering a warm colour and an attractive finish. Whilst it is a strong, kiln-fired material it inevitably shows signs of wear over time and can eventually require a professional service to bring it back to health. Do you have terracotta tiles in your home or property and think they may require some care? We’ve provided valuable maintenance services for terracotta floors for many of our happy customers and would be delighted to help.

Common issues

Without regular maintenance, terracotta tiles will exhibit some of the common signs of wear. Typically with floor tiles, dust, dirt and spillages can be ground into the tile under foot, where it will leave behind small scratches. When these scratches accumulate they dull the appearance of the tile and make it prone to gathering more dirt. In some cases they can also allow moisture to penetrate the tile, which can cause serious damage to terracotta.

If terracotta tiles have become discoloured with dark marks or stains, chance are the seal has completely worn away. Terracotta is highly porous so in order to keep it looking great it is vital to have a properly maintained coat of sealer on top of the tile. Sealer will naturally wear down over time but a fresh coat remains the most cost effective way to look after terracotta.

If the subfloor underneath the terracotta tiles is in poor condition this can allow moisture to get at the tiles from underneath. This is a particular nuisance as it can be tricky to spot until the tiles have already become damaged. Keep an eye out for loose or wobbly tiles as this can be a warning sign of a problem with the subfloor.

How we maintain terracotta flooring

Although terracotta tiles can be vulnerable to wear, regular maintenance is a fairly straight forward process. Surface marks such as scratches and light markings can usually be removed with our high grade polishing equipment and stubborn dirt and grime is not a problem. When discolouration and staining is more obvious, a heavier buff can be used to lessen its appearance.

Keeping a coat of strong, high quality sealer on terracotta tiles is essential. We carry a whole range of sealers that we select based on the specific installation of tile which we are working on. The environment and use of the tile impacts our choice, but we can also tailor the finish to suit. If you would like a high sheen or wet look finish we offer sealers that provide this, as well as satin and matt finishes.

Where major damage has occurred, perhaps due to the subfloor or from heavy drops on the tiles we assess repairs on a case by case basis. If the terracotta is beyond repair we would be more than happy to assist in sourcing replacement tiles for you.

Will repairing my terracotta tiles cause disruption?

We work in the most considerate way possible, you can expect a first rate service. We will always ensure spaces are left as clean or more clean than when we arrived and our technicians will be punctual, polite and quiet. Our restoration work can usually be completed the same day it is begun and does not involve large, bulky or loud machines. We have been in the business for a number of years and have developed a work flow than is quick, efficient and produces results with a minimum of fuss.

If you have terracotta tile flooring in your home and are interested in our restoration services, general repairs, or anything else, we are happy to help. Call Tile & Stone Medic today for a no obligation chat about what we can do for you.


Yes we can, securing loose tiles is a simple job for a professional and we’d be happy to help

Absolutely, we stock a range of high quality sealers which we can use to make your tiles shine like new.

In many cases yes, it’s one of our specialities. We’ll need to take a look at the amount of staining to make a proper assessment.

In many cases we can, although it depends on the type of tile and how serious the damage is. Let us take us a look at your floor and we’ll make an assessment. Please note we can only carry out floor repairs as part of a full deep clean or restoration for your stone floor. Unfortunately, we are not able to attend to carry out repairs in isolation.