Terracotta Tiled Floor Stripping, Cleaning, Sealing & Polishing, Himbleton, Droitwich, Worcestershire. Mrs Price 19th February 2014

“I’ve not liked the floor for a while, the grout lines were awful and no matter what I tried it never looked any better. I telephoned Tile & Stone Medic and they came to survey the floor. The floor is over 20 years old and can’t remember it looking so clean”.
Tile & Stone Medics Overview
This terracotta floor had over 20 years of different sealers on it. The customer had cleaned the floor and then sealed it a number of times. The problem here was that the floor was never cleaned professionally and therefore, dirt was locked in with every seal. Strong alkaline strippers were applied to the floor and left to dwell for 10 minutes to soften the old sealers and polish. A rotary machine was used with an aggressive black pad to remove all of the contaminates. The floor was then rinsed using freshwater extraction. The floor was left over night to ensure that it was completely dry. On the second day the floor was sealed using to coats of acrylic polymer sealer and 5 coats of high shine floor polish and hardener.