Terracotta floor in Prestbury, Cheshire, cleaned, sealed and grout recoloured for Mrs Joyce.

Job duration: 2 days

This Terracotta kitchen floor in Prestbury, Cheshire, was in need of some tlc when the new owners moved in to the house, so they called us in, first of all the floor was cleaned and stripped using a heavy duty cleaner and stripper, in combination with a heavy rotary machine and stripping pads and brushes, then we hand cleaned all the grout lines, this removed all soiling and old sealers, the floor was then double rinsed using a hot water extraction machine and spinner tool and allowed to dry overnight.

The second day we applied 1 coat of sealer to the floor first to make the floor less porous which would make removing any excess grout colourant from the tiles a bit easier, allowed this coat to dry then started to apply the first coat of light grey grout colourant to all the grout lines, left this for about 5 mins then wiped off any excess from the tiles as we went. After this first coat was dry we applied the second coat of grout colourant, when this second coat was dry we continued with the floor sealing process, applying a further 7 coats of sealer as Terracotta is one of the most porous tiles so needs plenty of sealer to ensure its properly protected and leaving a nice satin finish, as you can see the floor was transformed.