This flagstone floor was in a grade II listed building, dating back to 1730. The owners desperately wanted to keep the floor for its potential visual look, but also because of its historic significance to the house. The only problem was that over time some previous owners had applied polyurethane to the floor, which is an absolute nightmare to remove!

Tile & Stone Medic Warwickshire’s flagstone floor cleaning service was enlisted to help. The process to remove this finish, without damaging the floor is quite long and exhaustive. Our specially formulated product is added to sections of the floor in about one square metre sections, covered in cellophane to stop it from drying out and left over night to work.

The following day these areas are hand agitated using strong wire brushes and the freshwater extracted. On occasions the areas need to be treated again and left for a few more hours. Again, at the end of the day more areas were treated and then covered up. Stripping the floor of the polyurethane took three days to do!

On the fourth day the floor had a final inspection and was then sealed and polished to a satin finish using an acrylic water based polymer. Resilient and hard, but it would only take one day to strip! Happy customers!