We arrived ready to carry out our Limestone floor cleaning service in Birmingham. The Floor itself was not in too bad a condition, but the grout lines were quite dirty. Heavy duty floor cleaner was mopped on to the floor and left to dwell for approximately 5 minutes. Because the grout lines were quite a bit lower than the surface of the tile, we literally had to get on our hands and knees and clean them with the appropriate grout brush. Once this section of floor grout lines had been cleaned, 320 grit honing powder was sparingly applied to the floor and agitated for approximately 3 minutes with a rotary machine and soft to medium rotary brush. The area was then rinsed and neutralised using freshwater extraction.

The customer no longer wanted a polished look and hence why we used 320 grit honing powder to not only clean the floor, but also to give it a matt look as per the customers request. The floor was then finished with water, rotary machine, 800 grit diamond pad and freshwater extraction to close up the pores in the limestone in preparation for sealing.

Once the floor was dry it was sealed using ‘Miracle 511 Plus H20’ impregnator seal, to help protect against drink and food spillages you would associate with a kitchen floor. Also, it makes it easier to maintain.