The customers have had a lot of work done in the kitchen/dining area. The limestone floor, albeit laid really well, unfortunately had grout haze all over it, caused by the tiler. They had tried many ways of trying to remove it, but alas could not get it off! Our Limestone floor cleaning service in Birmingham was needed to fix it.

The first thing that Tile & Stone Medic did, was to put ‘Ever Build’ Roll & Stroll protective coverings around all the new skirting boards and kitchen units to protect from any possible splashes etc.

Next a small amount of water mixed with a diluted mix of ‘Clovers’ Acid Wash 80 (hydrochloride) was mopped on to the floor and left to dwell for 5 minutes. This reaction time is really important as the chemical reaction of the acid helps to dissolve and loosen the grout haze from the tile. The floor was mopped over again ensuring that it never dried and then a small amount of ‘Klindex’ 220 grit honing powder was applied to the wet area. This area of floor was the agitated using our ‘Victor’ slow rotating Scrubber for approximately 3 minutes. Honing powder being acidic also causes a chemical reaction with the floor, but is also abrasive (in a good way) and thus helps to remove contaminates, in this case grout haze that may be locked into the pours of the limestone floor tiles. This area of floor was then freshwater extracted. This process was carried out across the whole floor in one metre sections. Once the floor was finished, it was left over night to dry.

The following day the floor was inspected a few areas touched up. The floor was then sealed using ‘Miracle’ 511 H20 Sealer Plus, which is a natural look impregnating sealer with up to 20 years satisfaction!

As can be seen by the photo’s the floor has been restored to how it should have looked when first put down. Once stressed customer, now a happy customer!