Limestone swimming pool surround and cover for Mr & Mrs Cartwright, Knutsford, Cheshire.

Via a recommendation from a family member, we were asked to clean and hone the Limestone floor tiles in their pool room as it was in need of attention due to pool water residues which had made the surround looking a bit dull and difficult to keep clean.

First we needed to remove a lot of glue from tape residue that had been used to tape down a protective covering they had put down for a party, we then sealed the gaps between the floor area covering the actual pool and the surround to keep any cleaning solutions and honing powders out of the pool water.

The tiles were then cleaned using a neutral ph cleaning solution and rotary machines, the floor was then fresh water rinsed, the customer wanted to maintain a non slip natural look to the floor, so we recommended a honed finish which leaves the floor smooth but with a low glow satin like finish, this was done using honing powder, rotary machines and then fresh water rinsed.

To bring out the colours of the Limestone, we sealed using a specially formulated colour enhancing impregnating sealer followed by a low speed polish to finish, this job took 3 days to complete and the customer was very happy with the result.

In case your wondering, the swimming pool is underneath the floor which slides back on rollers under a seating area to reveal the pool itself, which allows the whole floor area to be used for entertaining or slid back for swimming ! A system the owner is very proud of…… he designed it!.