This Quarry tile floor in Dorset required our cleaning service. It was very soiled and had not been looked after over the years. The floor was over 100 years old.

Tile & Stone Medics heavy duty floor cleaner and floor stripper was applied to approximately one square metres of flooring at a time and left to dwell for a minimum of five minutes. The floor was then agitated by using a slow rotary machine with a medium nylon rotary brush attached. The floor was the rinsed with our powerful freshwater extraction system. This process was continued until all the quarry tile floor area had been stripped and cleaned. The floor was then left over night to dry.

The following morning, Tile & Stone Medic Dorset inspected the floor to ensure all soiling/marks/paint etc had been removed. Once satisfied with the inspection the floor was sealed and a resilient acrylic polymer satin finish applied to the quarry tile floor. Not only does this greatly enhance the look of the floor, it also makes it water proof and therefore far easier to clean and maintain.

The customer took our after care advice and purchased Tile & Stone Medic neural cleaner and Tile & Stone Medics neutral floor maintainer!