As can be seen, this shower cubicle was in need of our tile cleaning service in Birmingham.

The first thing we did was to clean down all the tiles, grout, shower furniture, door, glass panel and the silicone with a heavy duty cleaner. This cleaning process will remove all surface dirt and soap scum and also any surface mould. Once this process had been completed, we then move on to the next process to remove what is left .i.e.. staining in the grout and silicone caused by mould and lime scale. The appropriate solutions were sprayed on to the areas and left to work for approximately one hour and then rinsed with freshwater. If there is any staining left then the process is done again!

Once the tiles and grout lines were dry, they were sealed with an impregnating sealer to help protect the surfaces from future contaminates like mould for example, but also it aids in cleaning the surfaces more successfully.

On this particular shower cubicle the silicone was removed and replaced with new mould resistant ‘Uni Bond’ bathroom silicone.

Almost like new!