Slate Tile Floor Stripping, Cleaning, Sealing and Polishing, Ettington, Warwickshire. CV35. Mr Wood 14th March 2015

Mr Wood

‘Thanks for your hard work, amazing, just love it’

Tile & Stone Medics Overview

This was a small slate hallway in Warwickshire that required our restoration service. In the past, for whatever reason, it had been painted red. Our job was to restore it back to its original state and apply a satin finish polish. Firstly the floor was treated with the appropriate professional varnish and paint stripper and left to dwell for one hour. The floor was then agitated by hand with a wire brush. The main reason behind this, was due to all the uneven contours of the slate floor. The floor was then rinsed using our powerful; freshwater extraction system to ensure the floor was allowed to dry ph neutral. Any areas that were not completely stripped of paint were treated again and the same process followed. Once the floor was dry it was sealed and then several coats of resilient acrylic polymer satin finish polish applied. One very happy customer!