Stripping cleaning and sealing of Stone Kitchen floor in Kerridge Macclesfield Cheshire for Mrs Draper.

Tile & Stone Medic overview

We were asked to have a look at this floor which is actually Kerridge Stone, quarried only a mile or so from the cottage! Unfortunately the previous owners had sealed the stone with varnish (!) which looked terrible and removing it wasn’t going to be easy or quick! On our first visit we stripped a small test area which can clearly be seen in one of the photos.

A special stripper which is water based and very low odour was used to remove the varnish as standard floor strippers wont touch it.

This stripper needs to be applied to small areas at a time and left to dwell for 1 hour minimum, to break down the varnish! then scrubbed by hand and using rotary machines fitted with stiff brushes and once loosened is then extracted and the floor rinsed, this process took a full day to complete. The stripped floor was now quite porous and when we returned the following day we applied 2 coats of colour enhancing impregnating sealer to protect and to bring out the colours in the stone which contains a lot of iron oxide so has a lovely orange/rusty look in parts.

The customer also needed surface protection aswell with it being a busy kitchen, so we applied 2 coats of matt topical sealer to finish. A very happy customer and no more varnish.