Cleaning this Travertine floor in Dorset was quite straight forward. Yes it was dirty, but straight forward. Firstly, we mixed a solution of floor stripper and heavy duty floor cleaner with water and mopped onto the floor, where it was left to dwell for a few minutes. The floor was then agitated with a rotary machine and appropriate rotary brush. The floor was then freshwater rinsed. The travertine floor was mopped again with the already mixed solution and a 220 grit honing powder sprinkled onto the wet area of floor. Again, the floor was agitated for around 3 minutes with the rotary machine and brush. Honing powder is a great way of cleaning these types of floors where the grout lines are very dirty and where there are lots of pit marks and holes, it is quite an aggressive clean, by causing a chemical reaction and abrasion, but also very safe to use.

Once the floor was dry it was sealed and polished!