Cleaning this Victorian Minton tile floor in Dorset was straightforward, it was in good condition for its age. There were residues of old sealers and polishes on the floor, so the first process for us to carry out was to strip the floor of these and also clean at the same time. A mixture of powerful floor strippers and heavy duty floor cleaners were added to a measured amount of cold water and thoroughly mixed. The solution was applied to the floor in one to two metre area’s and left to dwell for five minutes. After this period the floor was scrubbed using a rotary machine with an attached nylon rotary brush. The floor was then rinsed using our truck mount based freshwater extraction system. This process was carried out on the rest of the floor and then left over night to dry. The following day the floor was inspected and then sealed and polished using acrylic polymer based satin finish polishes!