Our customer’s marble floors in Worcestershire needed our cleaning service. The marble was in an ok condition, but had lost that wet look that reflected the light so stunningly.

Tile & Stone Medic removed the surface of the marble using 220 grit honing powders and diamond pads and rotary machines. This not only removes the old surface and finish, but also small scratches. This process was worked on in 1 square metres at a time. The rotary machine is worked over the relevant section of floor for around 3 minutes and then extracted using our freshwater extraction system. This process was carried out over the whole floor which was around 100 square metres. When all the floors were dry they were treated with an impregnating sealer to help protect the floor from future spillages and soiling.

Once the floor had dried the floor was then buffed using a rotary machine and white pad. This work took three days to complete.