We were asked to provide cleaning services for this slate floor in Warwickshire. It was in good condition and just needed a little bit of tender care.

This slate floor was stripped of its old sealer and deep cleaned using a solution of high performance stripper and Tile & Stone Medics heavy duty floor cleaner. The solution was mopped on and left to work into the surface for a few minutes and then agitated using a rotary machine and appropriate rotary brush, in this case a soft to medium bristle, so that it could also work into the grout lines. The floor was then fresh water extracted. This process was carried out across the floor in one square metre sections until complete.

Once the slate floor was dry and carefully inspected, it was then sealed and polished to a satin finish, using resilient acrylic polymer based polish. This as you can see has brought out all the colours in the floor and also makes it far easier to clean and maintain.