Get your wedding functions venue into top shape with hard floor deep cleaning and restoration from your nearest nationwide Tile & Stone Medic Operator

The flowers have been delivered, the room is decorated, the champagne is chilling and the groom is waiting nervously for the arrival of the bride. This is the biggest day of the happy couple’s lives and they have chosen your unique venue for their celebrations with their closest friends and family!

Have you thought of everything to make sure your venue is ready for the momentous occasion? The staff may be trained up, the champagne flutes polished, the linen pressed, but what about the scuffs, stains and damaged floor that will soon be receiving the happy couple for the first dance?

Floors are often an overlooked part of any room but can make a huge difference in the look and feel it creates for your guests. A scuffed, streaked and marked hard floor will no doubt make a very bad impression on this room full of expectant people. Here at Tile and stone medic we can help you tackle any floor issues you may have before it is too late.  Tile & Stone Medic have been in business for over 15 years and during that time have met and resolved many challenges. We can restore your floors and other hard surfaces to their former glory and help you keep them that way for your guests to enjoy and recommend to potential new customers.

Our main service is the cleaning, restoration and sealing of hard floor types in commercial settings. We can help you tackle issues with Vinyl, Linoleum, Amtico, Karndean, resin, Altro,  as well as Marble, Indian stone, Victorian tiles, and many more .Tile and Stone medic will provide a cost effective and efficient solution to bringing your commercial wedding function facilities up to standard.

If your ceramic tile or natural stone floors or walls have chips, holes or cracks. Then don’t panic, Tile & Stone Medic have the answer for you. In most instances, we are able to repair your ceramic tile or natural stone floors and walls. Of course it depends on the extent of the repair work required, but if you have cracks in your terrazzo floor, holes forming in your travertine tiles, or any other type of small repair required, then contact Tile & Stone Medic. We can give you the answers you need before the season gets in full swing.