Working together with businesses to make a cleaner and safer place for patrons and guests

During the Summer months your venue should be looking at its best, with the warmer weather people are more likely to spontaneously pop out for dinner with family, meet up with friends they haven’t seen for a while and enjoy quiet drinks in the evenings.

You can show your guests and customers that you value their visits, with your venue being used for parties, weddings, reunions and much more, each guest is another potential booking for future events. Here at Tile & Stone Medic we can help you with all of your hard flooring cleaning needs.

It is very important to maintain a clean, healthy, and safe environment for your customers to enjoy. Whether you are a pub, hotel, health club, or restaurant, people come to your business to enjoy free leisure time and they want the best- that’s where the quality of our service counts – we deliver the best.

Did you know that on average, a human loses one million skin cells a day. This equates to 30,000 – 40,000 an hour. These land on furniture and your floor surfaces and they are generally thought of as ‘dust’ particles. The general hygiene and up-keep of your venue is crucial, which is why our services, aimed specifically for commercial businesses are perfect for your flooring. You see how we have helped previous customers here.

Your floor takes up the biggest single surface area in any building so it is important to look after them, with foot traffic alone taking its toll on your floors, leaving scuffs, scratches and stains which impede on the quality of your venue. A regular mop will make it appear as though your floor is clean but we can help getting the best from your hard floor – whatever type it is.

Here at Tile & Stone Medic we can help you set up a regular cleaning program or one-off cleans with our powerful cleaning systems that ensure we have more chance at removing even the trickiest marks. Ask our technicians about special sealants that can maintain your floor for longer. It is the responsibility of every restaurant, cafe and pub owner to ensure their floors are well maintained, so the public can eat and drink in a clean, safe environment. Get in touch now to find out how we can work together in making your business premises a brighter, cleaner and better place to for your guests.