Tips to help you make the most from your garden this summer with advice from Tile & Stone Medic

Summer is almost here! So what better time to look at how to make the most of your home and garden for the months ahead. Here at Tile & Stone Medic we have put together a few tips to help you on your way.

Create continuity from inside to outside with transition spaces

Put potted plants at entryways, this is great if you have a hallways or utility spaces by doors leading to the garden. Potted plants lead the eye from inside to out and create a great transitional space making your home and garden feel like one great and united space.

Continue the use of potted plants outside by using them to create different areas of your outside spaces. Use tall greenery to screen off seating areas or short flower pots to make areas of colour that really add accent and personality to your garden. Potted plants are much less intimidating than planting large flower beds that need lots of maintenance. With pots you can do a little at a time and it doesn’t feel like a big job that is overwhelming.

Add some colour

Paint an outside wall a bright colour, this is great if you have the confidence, use your first floor windows are a guideline for how high you should go. This creates a fun, playful and bright space so even on the cloudiest days you can feel like you are somewhere tropical. Or if you want to be little more natural, a neutral stone colour is a great alternative and very effective. The fresh colours brighten up otherwise dull brickwork. Use a special masonry paint and remember to brush any loose debris off the wall. It is also worth sealing the brickwork with sealant solution to really get the paint to take.

Add seating

Seating is always important but you don’t have to spend a lot. Check old furniture reclamation yards for old conservatory furniture at knockdown prices. Or use pallet wood to create different levels to sit or lie on. Here are some cool ideas to inspire you this summer!

Tile & Stone Medic can help you with stubborn dirt on patios – greying and discolouration on stonework and much more.

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