How to prevent mould in your bathroom tiles and grout

Unfortunately, bathrooms often provide the ideal conditions within which mould can grow. Regular cleaning is one of the best preventative measures, but given the right warm, damp conditions, mould can get past even the most thorough of housekeepers!

There are many different types of mould, and some of them can be dangerous to you and your family. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the other methods you can employ to mitigate against mould growth in your bathroom:

Stretch out your shower curtain.

A very common area for mould growth in bathrooms is in between the folds in the shower curtain. This happens when the curtain doesn’t dry properly, so make sure you stretch it out after use! Often giving it a little pat will shake off the excess water drops which prolong drying time.

Use drain cleaner

Drains and plug holes trap dust, dirt, soap and of course one of the biggest problems, hair. Sometimes mould can grow when it takes a long period of time for water to drain from the sink or bath. Making sure these bathroom pipes aren’t blocked can prevent this. A simple plug cage that sits loosely over the plug is a quick, easy and cheap solution. Often found in you local hardware shop, these cages filter the water that goes through your plug hole. Simple shake off into your bin after use – couldn’t be simpler!

Maintain good air circulation

If your bathroom has good air circulation then it will dry out more quickly, preventing mould from growing. Use extractor fans and open windows whenever possible! Prop your door open after a shower or bath to allow the steam to flow out.

If you already have a mould problem, bleach and hot water is one of many different solutions you can use to try and get rid of it. If the stain turns out to be too stubborn, however, a professional cleaning provider like Tile & Stone Medic (nation-wide coverage across the UK) may be required to come and help you get back the bathroom as it should be.

We use advanced cleaning techniques and boast years of experience, so whether the issue is with your tiles, grout, natural stone or any other type of surface, we have a solution for you!

We can restore many of these surfaces too, as well as re-colouring grout lines which are often damaged by mould. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today if you have a mould problem in your bathroom!